Ease Stress With a Halloween Whodunnit: The Case of Mr. Grey

Palos Heights, IL – Mr. Grey, a prominent member of the rodent community, was found slain in the home of Mr. John Murray, II on Tuesday, October 6. Upon returning home between his morning job and evening job, Mr. Murray found the deceased’s body in a tattered state on the living room floor. Although local authorities have identified five primary suspects for this heinous crime, Mr. Murray has definitive evidence to implicate the guilty party. The criminal profiles of the leading suspects are presented below. See if you can guess the murderer.

Patience, a reclusive black cat with a history of erratic behavior around Halloween, leads the suspect list. In past years, she viciously attacked her cat-mate Penelope during the month of October. Although she was found sleeping in the master bedroom closet when Mr. Murray discovered Mr. Grey, she could have done her dirty work before retreating from the crime scene. Investigators found some grey hairs on her back. Possible motive: she does not like any competition for affection.

Mr. Murray found the dead body at the crime scene without witnesses. Possessing a clever mind and gentle demeanor, he could have deliberately reported the crime to avoid suspicion. Uncharacteristically, he washed his hands and face repeatedly with anti-bacterial soap after he reported the crime scene. Possible motive: He didn’t want his wife, Ms. Loftus to see the mouse in their home.

Sneakers a.k.a. PurSneakity claims to be an authority on BAD HABITS. In his infamous book, Tails of Bad Habits, he firmly stated, “Mouses are Louses who don’t belong in Houses!”. A small drop of blood was observed on his right front paw. Possible motive: He holds extremely prejudiced attitudes towards all members of the rodent community.

Diabla, a mild-mannered kitty with red eyes, is believed to see demons. On the evening before the murder, she was observed staring at the stove for hours. Perhaps she saw a demon; perhaps she heard noises from Mr. Grey or one of his companions. She smelled of kitty litter that night. Possible motive: She believed she was performing important work for the “Evil One.”

Ms. Loftus, known to have an intense phobia of spiders, could be a hidden suspect. Although her alibi of working from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the day of Mr. Grey’s murder appears solid, she could have hired a “Hitmouse” to do her dirty work. After all, she was observed on her cellphone shortly before Mr. Grey was found by Mr. Murray. Possible Motive: She doesn’t like anything creepy in the home.

And the Guilty Party is . . .


Mr. Murray found mouse remnants on Diabla’s whiskers as her breath emitted a foul odor. Upon closer examination, short mouse hairs were found beneath her front claws, while blood spots appeared evident on her back claws. Cats usually hold their prey with their front claws and attack with their back claws. The Whodunnit lesson here is that innocent looks can be deceiving. 

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Images of Mr. Murray, Diabla, Ms. Loftus, and Sneakers were taken by Jessica Loftus.

The remaining images are under license from Shutterstock.com.

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