Spring out of Winter Blues

Singing American robins trumpet the arrival of Spring. March marks the season for robins to feather their nests, hunt for food and find their mates. Learn lessons from these resilient birds as they spring out of winter blues and march into sunny hope.

Listed below are suggestions for focusing on the happy elements of SPRING (Sunshine, Projects, Recreation, Imagination, Nutrition, Growth).

Spring out of winter blues as you march into sunny colors. Truly, there is nothing more delightful than that first day of bright sunshine when the temperature rises, the grass greens, the tulips burst into bloom, and the robins break into song. Take time to smell the flowers and feel the caress of a gentle breeze.

Whether your project is cleaning, building, or growing, spring’s the best time to get going. Watch this charming YouTube video of a robin building her nest. Notice how she focuses on small tasks, takes breaks, and keeps at the project until it’s done.

Take a break this spring. If you can’t manage a trip to hear birds chirp at a tropical destination, find a nearby forest preserve with a peaceful lake. Hunt for Native American relics, fly a kite, ride a bike, or simply relax on a park bench while relishing the scent of fresh green grass.

Spring inspires creativity. Write a poem about longer days, design a birdhouse, listen to music inspired by the season, make plans for your future, try a spring recipe, or sketch a robin in flight. If you’re up for a new adventure, check out a new hobby like Diamond Painting.

Cleanse yourself of winter treats by following a simple dietary detox. Then eat like a bird. Did you know that birds in nature are virtually never overweight? They instinctively know what and how much to eat. Follow your gut intuitively when making food choices and savor your bites.

Just as robins shed their feathers, make plans to shed your bad habits. Shedding the old feathers allows birds to grow new ones. Similarly, letting go of bad habits can lead you to form new good habits. Check out this book on Amazon. Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less by S.J. Scott.

Find inspiration by watching your feathered friends this spring in your own backyard. Soon you will Spring out of winter blues and March into the full colors of joy, accomplishment, fun, creativity, health, and new life.

Images are under license from Shutterstock.com.

YouTube Video Credits

American Robin Singing Cheerful Spring Song – Urban Nature.

Robin building a nest in spring – Roger Bindl.

8 HOURS of Ocean Songs with Wind Sounds and Bird Chirping – 4K Tropical Beach, Maui island, Hawaii – Nature Soundscapes.

Robin Birds at The Lake – Paul Dinning.

Spring – Vivaldi

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