Tales of Tails

Bad habits are a lot like grains of sand. Sometimes we can mold them. Sometimes, outside forces like wind or rain mold them for us. When the sand is wet and firm, we make great strides over our bad habits with ease. When the sand is dry, we sink into the sand and make little progress even with great efforts. We can build a beautiful sand castle of victory over our bad habits, only to watch it collapse in a moment of relapse. If we stop and note the sandy footprints behind us, we can see our accomplishments. If we focus only on the unchartered sands in front of us, we can become overwhelmed and easily discouraged.  Sometimes the sands of bad habits erode and fade.  Sometimes the sands are replenished with new bad habits. The perpetual truth is that bad habits, like grains of sand, are always with us, always challenging us, always inviting us to growth.

Excerpt from Tails of Bad Habits by PurSneakity