Not only does the vetrinarian pronounce me to be officially obese, she also voices concern about numbers in my blood, and insists that I follow a diet of skim milk, watery tuna and soggy greens formed into cat-food nuggets.

That uninspired fare offers little to satisfy my taste buds, and even less to satisfy my appetite. My human now has to make sure I don’t eat my littermate’s food. I become so ravenous that even the grimy mouse hiding behind the stove seems tempting.  My mood is so foul that I bite any human or animal that comes within a tail’s length of me.

So I rebel against my diet and turn to “hard” junk food – the deplorable stuff that my human eats.  Every time I feel stressed or upset, I ferret out sausage crumbs from the empty pizza box in the trash can or leftover cheeseburger tidbits from the empty plates in the sink.

Excerpt from Tails of Bad Habits by PurSneakity

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