Easy Ways to Ease Stress

Breathe deeply and slowly for one minute.
Try the “five-minute rule” to reduce procrastination.  Pursue an unpleasant task for only five minutes. If necessary, stop and try again later. However, you will often feel motivated to finish the task after five minutes.
Stop “shoulding” on yourself.  Strive to make a good effort instead.
Imagine a white light filling you with peace.
Try aromatherapy using lavender essential oil.
Listen to soothing music (like Native-American flute).
Improve sleep by reading or journaling (not screening) for 30 minutes before bedtime.
Savor a favorite food slowly and mindfully.
Get moving. Only a few minutes will boost mood.
Worry well.  Focus on what is in your control.
Consider forgiving someone who has hurt you. 
Write down three things for which you are grateful. 

Pet Ways to Ease Stress

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Pet Ways to Ease Stress

Prominent members of the pet community offer their tips on easing stress with a woof of humor, a meow of insight, a chirp of hope and a paw shake of fun.