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Jessica Loftus, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

National Certified Career Counselor

(708) 448-1306


Sessions are now offered via telehealth using a simple online platform that is HIPAA compliant.

Easy Ways to Ease Stress

Click here to listen to soothing sounds of nature as you read these tried-and-true tips to ease stress.  

Breathe deeply and slowly for one minute.

Try doing the unpleasant task for only five minutes. Stop after five minutes if necessary. However, you will often find that you are motivated to finish the task.

Affirm that I will not “should” on myself today. Shoulds put unnecessary pressure on us.  Instead, strive to make a good effort.

Imagine a white light filling you with peace.

Try aromatherapy using lavender essential oil.

Listen to soothing music (like Native-American flute)

Pamper yourself with a bubble bath or massage.

Savor a favorite food slowly and mindfully.

Get moving. Only a few minutes will boost mood.

Worry well.  Focus on what is in your control.

Consider forgiving someone who has hurt you. Prepare a list of reasons.

Limit Screen time. Avoid screens for at least 30 minutes before bedtime. 

Jot down to-do items, ideas, worries and appointments to minimize before bedtime.

Write down 3 things for which you are grateful.

What to do Instead


What to do Instead

Say things unsaid

Bake wholesome bread

Clear well your head

Cry tears unshed

Rest plenty in bed

Tend the homestead

Hear talks by Ted

Savor books unread

Allow creativity to spread

Laugh till you’re red  

Play with Mr. Potato Head

On gratitude be fed

Through God be led