Knowing that boredom often leads me to procrastinate, I set my sights on writing my book. After sipping some cool water from my water dish, I carry my cuddly fleece blanket clenched between my teeth, and snuggle into my favorite corner in the family room, ready to write.

Then the self-defeating thoughts begin.  What does a kitty know about writing a book?  How many pages does it have to be?  How do I start?  How will I know when I am done?   I push all of these thoughts out of my mind as I write down my book title – Tails of Bad Habits.

Soon, however, my mind wanders.  I daydream about Fido, the neighborhood alley cat, challenging me to a duel.  In my fantasy, my claws sink into his neck.  Yowling and hissing, we scratch ourselves into a frenzy.

I force my focus back onto my book. Which bad habit should I address first?  A naughty thought about Penelope invades my mind. Oh Penelope, the loveliest cat to grace this planet with her tantalizing cat walk.  She barely knows I exist.  My litter mate, Patience thinks she is a snob. Thinking of Patience, my human pays more attention to her than me.  She deserved that scratch on her ear.

Suddenly, my reverie is disturbed by my human returning from work.  Dinner time!  I hope he pours me a saucer of rich cream.  Instead, he scoops me a bowl of stale, dry cat food.

Yuck!  So, I sneak into the pantry where the kitty treats are stored.  After devouring “a few.” I settle into my favorite cozy box and take a snooze.  Come on.  I need to be rested to write brilliantly.

Excerpt from Tails of Bad Habits by PurSneakity

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