Kitty Tips for a Furry Tail Romance

by PurSneakity, a feline creature of bad habits

It was love at first fight.

Contentedly single as the sole object of my owner’s attention, I resented the arrival of a tiny kitty princess in my castle. But the first time she clawed at me while I bit her tail, I knew we were destined to purr happily ever after.

Within a week of our meeting, I fall in love with that kitty princess. Oh, Penelope, her fluffy white coat, enticing blue eyes, and graceful walk enchant me. Just the sound of her purr lulls me into a state of blissful reverie as I trace a heart with our initials in her litterbox.

Penelope, however, rejects my advances. After weeks of sauntering past me with her nose and tail in the air, I grow despondent. Finally, upon my offer of a savory piece of salmon that I snagged from my owner’s dinner, she grants me the privilege to catwalk with her. Over the next few months, we walk, talk and purr together. I finally win her love, and we declare our mated bond forever and ever.

We do not always live happily ever after; our furry tale romance sometimes resembles a fury-tail rivalry. However, we somehow manage to rekindle our deep love for each other. Here we offer a few cattails of relationship advice for you on this Valentine’s Day.

1.     Maintain Boundaries.

My beloved Penelope and I mark our territories. We each use our own food dish, litter box, fleece blanket, and hiding place, which saves a lot of catfights.

2.     Share Often.

At the same time, we share hidden places, like our favorite window seat. There we cuddle together and soak up warm, sunny rays for hours as we catnap.

3.     Play Daily.

We delight in friendly competition, whether we chase after a laser light or bat toy mice around the floor. Plus, we burn off a little nervous energy.

4.     Indulge in a Bit of Catnip Together.

Live it up a little and have some fun. Please Catnip responsibly.

5.     Fight Fair.

We fight, oh catty, do we fight! But when one of us exposes our tummy, the other retreats. We know when enough is enough.

6.     Groom Each Other.

After a hard day napping on the couch, we take time to groom each other, especially on our backs which are hard to reach.

7.     Communicate Openly.

Okay, we confess to being sneaky sometimes. Of course, we hide after knocking over a lamp that shatters on the floor. We want our owner to believe it was the draft from the front door. Who can blame us? For the most part, we express our feelings – one way or the other.

8.     Be Faithful.

We don’t have much choice because we’re house cats. Don’t tempt us in the wild, though.

9.     Purr Happily Ever After.

Each day, we find simple things for which we are grateful. We appreciate our cozy fleece blankets, a sunny view from a second-story window, our favorite cat treats, quiet time of petting, our toys, a clean litterbox, and sleeping 18 hours a day.

Hope you can benefit from our instinctive wisdom. Follow these tips so you and your beloved can purr happily ever after – or close to it.

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