Land Your Dream Job (Checklist)

One of the surest ways to ease stress is to find a satisfying, stable job that provides financial security. Not an easy task, this detailed checklist offers the critical information you need to successfully achieve your goal of landing your dream job.

Identify job titles that interest you

__ Seek career counseling if your career goals are uncertain.

__ Research job trends (

__ Brainstorm job titles (

__ Prepare a list of 5-7 job titles for which you want to apply.


__ Choose 1-3 professionals who admire your professional or volunteer work.

__ Choose 1-2 faculty members who praise your academic work.

__ Choose 1-2 people who know your personal character (clergy, doctors, family friends).

__ Ask 3-5 of these people to write letters of recommendations for you.

__ Ask references to mention key traits in their letters that relate to your list of job titles.

__ Offer to write drafts of letters for references to review, edit and sign.


__ Seek assistance from a local Career Services Center.

__ Research resume trends (Google “top resume tips for 2018”).

__ Write a list of all educational experiences (including brief trainings and workshops).

__ Prepare a list of all work-related experiences (volunteer, extracurricular, part-time).

__ Learn common resume formats (Word templates,,

__ Prepare an outline listing experiences that most relate to your job titles.

__ Draft a resume (1 page per 10 years of experience).

__ Ask someone to review your first draft of your resume.

Search for Jobs

__ Set up a LinkedIn Account which highlights your career interests and experience.

__ Upload your Resume on job-search engines (e.g., Indeed, Glassdoor, Simply Hired)

__ Conduct a thorough online job search using all major job websites.

__ Visit websites of companies where you would like to work and view their job postings.

__ Participate in job fairs, professional association events and community expos

__ Tweak your resume for each job application – match it to the job requirements.

__ Consider developing a website on WordPress to highlight your work experience.


__ Prepare a brief, personalized cover letter for each job application.

__ Send a personalized thank you letter within 24 hours of each job interview.

Prepare for your Interview

__ Research the company – study their website like you would for an exam.

__ Compile a mini portfolio; include resume, recommendation letters, work samples.

__ Tour the company and note the dress code. Wear more formal attire to the interview.

__ Study common job interview questions ( and prepare answers.

__ Review your resume and job requirements.

__ Answer every interview question with “Why should we hire you?” in mind.

__ Conduct a practice interview with a friend or counselor.

__ Record a video on your smart phone for your review.

__ Prepare a list of 2-3 thoughtful questions to ask the interviewers.


Complete the items on this checklist and you will ace your interview and ultimately land that Dream job!

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