Values Clarification

For most people, values are the most important consideration when making a career decision. Here is a fun exercise.

Rate these common career values on a scale from 1-5 (5 high).

  1.  Task Appeal– work that is interesting, challenging and desirable
  2.  Task Variety – desirable degree of routine or change
  3.  Working with Others – degree of working alone or in groups
  4.  Work Pace/Pressure – optimal pace and pressure
  5.  People Contact – contact with customers, clients or patients
  6.  Personal Fulfillment – Sense of accomplishment/contribution
  7.  Social Affiliation – work friendships or sense of belonging
  8.  Responsibility – opportunity to make decisions or supervise
  9.  Autonomy – power to define your work tasks
  10.  Schedule – Schedule that fits your lifestyle
  11. Location – geographic location, commuting requirements
  12. Setting – outdoor/office/work at home
  13. Advancement – opportunity to move up the ladder
  14. Risk Taking – desirable degree of uncertainty
  15. Organization – size, ethics, policies
  16. Knowledge – opportunities for training, learning
  17. Recognition – awards, public acclaim, feedback
  18. Prestige – status of occupation or organization
  19. Job Security – potential for layoffs, occupational demand
  20. Supervision – desired guidance, support
  21. Salary – Minimal salary requirements are met
  22. Other – write down ones that are not on this list

Rank your top ten values.

Personalize each value for your needs.

For example,

People contact- I would prefer to have minimal people contact.

Schedule- I would like to work a noon-9 p.m schedule.

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