Overcome Roadblocks

What to do if you can’t find a career or don’t think you can do it. 

The Biggest Roadblock to making an effective career decision is bad information.

  1. Go back and research appealing options more thoroughly.
  2. Read inspirational stories about people who overcame roadblocks.
  3. Try a smaller goal. For example, start a business on a part-time basis.
  4. If math holds you back, learn basics on Khan Academy.
  5. Improve your writing skills.
  6. Ease Anxiety with these tips
  7. Build your work skills with online learning courses.
  8. Improve your typing skills.
  9. Sharpen your computer skills.
  10. Discern your True Calling.
  11. Remember that most people regret risks not taken more than failures.
  12. Seek counseling, career counseling, or support groups to overcome roadblocks.
Final Step: Search for a Job.
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